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Title: Rashomon
Fandom: Hikaru no Go, gen, G.
Summary: Ochi doesn't want many things, really. But what he wants, he intends to have.
A/N: I'm not sure I made this clear before, but all the dialogue in this fic is out of the manga scanlation. It was sort of an exercise in writing-around.

The night before Ochi Kosuke registers for the pro exams, he dreams that he is an emperor, ruling from a wide and open hall full of sakura blossoms and the singing of nightingale floors... )
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Well, I apologize, or something. Trying to track down all my fics and put them over here has proved to be a pain in the ass of utterly defeating proportions. I can't even find The Art of New Games on the Wayback Machine, Christ only knows where Rashomon is, and I don't even want to contemplate trying to find my Faculty fics.

Well, it's the internet. Everything is ephemeral, except when it's not.

Title: And I Am in Arcadia
Fandom: Hikaru no Go, more or less Shindou/Touya, PG-13
Summary: When you look into the abyss, the abyss also looks into you.
Warnings: Seriously, seriously AU.

This phone hasn't rung in almost a year. Somewhere in the back of his head Touya had started letting himself hope that it never would again, and the sound strikes his stomach now like the first step of a very long fall. )
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So, um.

I posted Arcadia!Isumi over on my personal DW, and [profile] lindensphinx was like "Are you ever going to finish that two-parter?" and I was like "...Wait. I didn't?"

I didn't. My bad - I totally was convinced that I had not only finished it but posted it. At any rate, here it is.

Part 2 of the two-parter. )
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There's more Arcadia fic over on my fic GJ. Sai may or may not be back; nobody is quite sure, but Touya's got a few choice words for him if he is.
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I didn't actually intend to post this over here; but it keeps showing up on my del.icio.us subscription list, so rather than have another Discussion about the Code of Silence, I'm just going to post it over here and friends-lock the one on my personal journal. If you have links to it there, you'll want to update them.

More Arcadia fic, now with bonus porn. )
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