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Title: Successive Approximations (Ten drabbles: Wincest)
Fandom: Supernatural, Sam/Dean, PG. Okay, I guess you could read it as gen, but it is Wincest because I say so.
Summary: Gonna be a long road home. Sam and Dean, S1.

Successive Approximations (Ten drabbles: Wincest) )
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Title: Untitled Domestic!Antichrist fic.
Pairing: Sam/Dean, Supernatural, PG.
Summary: Apparently the fact that Sammy is ruling in Hell doesn't mean Dean can tap all the succubi he wants. Whatever, it was an honest mistake.

Dean still thinks Sam is overreacting. )
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Title: The Production and Decay of Strange Particles
Fandom: Numb3rs/SPN crossover, Sam/Dean, Don/Charlie preslash, PG-13
Summary: Don's life has taken a turn for the really weird. He might cope better if he weren't so worried that Charlie's taking home all the wrong messages from the Winchester brothers. Early S2 for both series.
Warning: Spiders.

A/N: Many thanks to [personal profile] sutlers and [personal profile] doro for the beta work, and [profile] thetankisclean for helping me try to figure out a title. The one I wound up with is the title of an Outer Limits episode. Also, I don't know what models are actually used in the Vollrath articles, because Springer Verlag is a stingy bitch opposed to the free dissemination of knowledge and won't let me have a full-text PDF.

The first indication Don had that his file review wasn't going as planned was the feeling of slightly damp paper moving, slowly and stealthily, against his cheek.  )
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Title: That Hellbound Train
Fandom: Supernatural, Sam/Dean, R for violence, AU after the end of S3.
Summary: "It’s only when you’ve lost someone that you realize the nonsense of that phrase 'It’s a small world'. It isn’t. It’s a vast, devouring world, especially if you’re alone." — Clive Barker (Books of Blood 2)
Warnings: This is very gory. I don't think I've really written gore before, but yeah, here it is.

Suicides go to Hell, but not always. Sam thinks about it anyway, weighing the odds. )
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Title: Devil He Told Me to Roll
Fandom: Supernatural, Wincest, PG-13, AU
Summary: Dean knows he's screwed up. The trick is going to be keeping Sam from finding out just how bad.
Notes: AU brought about mostly by me watching "A Very Supernatural Christmas" and going "WTF? How did they keep that kid in the dark that long, and why?"

The entire inside of the Impala smells like copper. )
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Title: Arimathea
Fandom: Supernatural, Wincest, PG-13
Summary: There's never a good time to have the incest talk with your dad. When he can't see or hear you is a worse time than most.
Notes: Takes place during In My Time of Dying, in case you haven't seen that one.

It's not fucking fair, Dean thinks. He's discorporated, he should have spirit powers. )
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Title: Better than Wine
Fandom: Supernatural, Sam/Dean/Castiel, NC-17
Summary: Dean thinks Castiel needs to take his mind off his problems. Castiel concedes the point. Post 4.07 PWP.

So he knows what drunkenness is. Better than these children do. He's just… out of practice. )
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Title: Private Function DeanWinchesterHasGotItGoingOn(ByRef blowjobs As Boolean)
Fandom: Supernatural, Wincest, NC-17
Summary: Sam gets replaced by a mandroid. Dean's not letting that shit slip under his radar again.

Note: I think this is the geekiest thing I have ever written, ever. Though not as geeky as it would have been if Sam's internal programming language had been Python. (I wasn't even going near Ruby on Rails.) It was also, hands down, the biggest pain in the ass to code, so if you're not viewing this fic in Firefox I don't know what to tell you. You'll have to wait until I have the time and energy to straighten out Word's heinous spaghetti HTML.

'Fucking Christo, dude!' Dean says for the seventh time today. Okay, he's man enough to admit he's panicking a little. )
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