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Happy October, everyone. Here's something to kick off the Halloween season.

Title: Where the Dead Live
Inception, Arthur/Eames, R.
There's a monster in Arthur's basement. Maybe he shouldn't have invited it in.
Warnings: Gore.

Arthur is thirty-one years old and there's a monster in his basement. )
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So as usual I failed utterly to complete a Halloween fic, but I felt like posting something festive, so. Here's the first half of my second-priority WIP, the one behind the NotUnderage!Arthur fic which I swear to god will be out within some reasonable time period.

Title: The Kith of the Erl-King
Fandom: Inception, Arthur/Eames, R.
Summary: Pain is in the mind. So are other things, like fear. An extraction on a serial killer doesn't quite go according to plan.
Warnings: Gore

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So, yeah, I'm sorry about the unrelenting misery that was Akallabêth. Here, have some crackfic instead.

Technically a Virtue
Inception, Arthur/Eames, NC-17
Summary: A mark's execrable taste in kitsch means that Eames has to convincingly forge wings. He's extremely bitter about this, until it becomes obvious that wings have some impressive fringe benefits.

Cobb folded his arms and raised an eyebrow. 'Are you saying you can't do it?' )
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Title: Akallabêth
Fandom: Inception, Arthur/Eames, PG-13.
Summary: Ariadne knows their point man has his eccentricities. She just doesn't know where they come from. Neither does Eames, until it's too late.
Warnings: Prior character death. Ends rather miserably.

Notes: The following strip of highlighting contains spoilers for the fic. Some people want to be warned about stuff like this in advance (me, for instance), and some people like to figure things out as they go (which I do too on occasion), so I've blacked it out. I recommend reading it, but it all depends on whether or not you want to see the iceberg coming.

Way back in (I think) round 1 of inception_kink, somebody posted a prompt for a fic where Arthur was actually dead, having been killed by Mal as part of her whole process of severing Cobb's ties to the world. I've lost the link now, and at any rate someone else said they were going to fill it, but I wanted to give it a shot.

There are now sort-of-epilogues here and here.

When Ariadne meets him, she's screaming. Wake me up, wake me up, wake me up, and it doesn't work, it never works in dreams, and there's a knife so close to her now that she can't even see the woman holding it, so it's no wonder that the sound of breaking bones doesn't register at first. )
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Title: Towards Zero
Fandom: Inception, Arthur/Eames, NC-17.
Summary: Five levels down, and five to dig yourself back out. Arthur met Eames' projection long before he met Eames.
Disclaimer: Regardless of where you might have come in from, I am not in any way, shape, or form affiliated with the OTW, Fanlore, or AO3.

Notes: )

Arthur doesn't like Nash's dreams. )
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